Being As A Leader

Covid-19 pandemic in the world made it clearer to organizations that their complex systems require a different mindset, skillset, and toolset to be more effective. This means more agility and less control, more inclusion of difference to allow talent and innovation to emerge from anywhere. In my opinion, this means that we must show a different kind of leadership so that we can create the energy that builds the new every day. At this point, Common Purpose January Global Leadership Programme allowed me to think over how this kind of leadership looks like in a VUCA world.

Let me first point out that I see life as a nonlinear journey. It is like a roller coaster and the struggles we face are in fact evolves to be our being. As Nietzsche quotes ‘That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. Therefore, I believe that, as global leaders, we actively must resist the culture of overnight success and addiction to social recognition through earning more money in the world. Additionally, to quote Nietzsche again: ‘He who has a why can endure anyhow. In this sense, I believe that our how’s should be matched with our ‘big why’ or ‘small whys’.

Accordingly, below are my reflections to guide you through your own leadership journey:

• Act while people are just watching. Maybe those moments will be the key turning points in your life

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, you will never know.
• Focus on process, not outcomes.
• Put purpose first. If you put purpose first you do what you must do, to do what you want to do.
• Treat every experience as unique when you must make a decision during a transition period. Never think about its opportunity cost.
• Know your core and flex. Watch yourself with a third eye and manage these two (
• Start with a -sustainable change- mindset all the time.
• Thrive to challenge the status quo because life shrinks when you are in the status quo. Expose yourself to risks. That is how you learn and grow.
• Stay curious and rather than trying to make sense of life, add meaning to life yourself.
• Work hard and be patient.
• Learn to say NO. Your YES does not mean anything if you do not do so.
• Your Nos in your core is all about you. Therefore, make them your problem, not the other one’s problem.
• Corporate culture does not overwrite individual culture. Show empathy and talk to people. Conversations matter.
• Be a storyteller and never forget: What stories you tell yourself becomes the stories you tell people.
• Be ready to change your defaults.
• Always question your beliefs. Evaluate yourself critically and then burn what needs to be burned.
• Get your hands dirty.
• Be brave. Jump in.

Finally, I will conclude that I believe leaders who relentlessly work on themselves for self-awareness will be the ones who will have an impact on life. This is because they will bring the three brains (mind, gut and heart) together so that they can act as WHOLE. Let’s not forget: We are wholes of the big whole. If we can be whole as we want to see in the world, everything will change for the better.